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Top 7 use cases of a conversational interface for sales

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April 22, 2024

You walk into a shoe store. There is no salesperson in sight. So you wander through countless aisles, trying to find the perfect pair on your own. That would be frustrating, right?

That’s what most of your website visitors feel every day. They land on your site with a specific need, but there’s nobody to listen to and guide them. All they find is endless information.

And this is serious. Because even if people like a company or product, 17% would stop doing business with the brand after just one bad experience, and 59% after several bad experiences.

However, you can fix this. All you need is a conversational interface for sales. These AI-powered tools can not only improve customer experience but also boost conversion rates.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss these conversational interfaces and explore some powerful ways you can use them.

What is a conversational interface for sales?

It’s basically an AI-powered user interface that interacts with your prospects either through text or voice. You can easily integrate them on your website or messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Instagram to support your customers 24/7 (yeah, they don’t need sleep).

Since these conversational interfaces are powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), they understand the intent and feelings behind a command. This lets the interface respond to customer queries with the empathy of a skilled salesperson.

These conversational interfaces transform how your prospects interact with your website. Now, visitors don’t have to browse confusing web pages on a non-personalized website, they can simply speak or type their query and get instant answers. 

A good example is Chatsimple’s AI sales agent. This interface lives on your website, supporting visitors and converting them into customers – even while you sleep! 

No wonder Gartner says conversational interfaces are one of the technologies that will transform customer service and support by 2028.

Now, let’s see some of the best use cases of conversational interface for sales:

7 use cases of a conversational interface for sales

Conversational interfaces are versatile tools. You can use them in dozens of ways to achieve your business goals. Here are some of the best ways:

1. Answer customers’ queries

A conversational interface supports your customers 24/7. It answers FAQs and resolves basic issues even outside business hours. This constant availability makes customers feel supported.

Also, the conversational interface replies within seconds. So, no more frustrating wait times. Instant support enhances customer experience and increases customer lifetime value. In fact, after a positive customer service experience, 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase.

Smart conversational interfaces like Chatsimple’s AI sales agent can provide human-like responses. This keeps visitors engaged on your website for longer and know more about your offers.

2. Capture quality leads

Conversational interfaces can ask website visitors to fill out a lead capture form, helping you generate leads for your business.

They also ask strategic lead capture questions to filter prospects who are genuinely interested in your products. This way, your sales team can focus on quality leads and improve conversion rates.

For instance, if you are a dentist, you can set lead capture questions for Chatsimple’s AI sales agent this way:

A conversational interface for sales can help you capture quality leads.

3. Advertise new launches 

A conversational interface can promote new product releases and offers while engaging with your users. This helps you get rid of tools like pop ups that do nothing but annoy your website visitors.

For instance, if your SaaS business has launched a new software, you can promote it by simply setting a business goal in the form of a call to action. 

Chatsimple’s conversational interface for sales lets you set business goals to promote new launches.

4. Grow your email list

A conversational interface makes subscribing to your email list smooth and easy.

Unlike static and dull forms, a conversational interface engages visitors in friendly conversations and tells personalized benefits of subscribing.

For instance, if someone asks for product discounts, an AI sales agent can highlight that exclusive discounts are available to email subscribers and invite them to share their name and email address.

This type of request feels less intrusive and more trustworthy, helping you get more subscribers.

5. Book sales meetings

A conversational interface for sales can automate the meeting booking process.

They integrate with your calendar tools. Visitors can easily view your team’s availability and select a time that fits their schedule within the chat window. This removes friction in the booking process.

Moreover, conversational interfaces can qualify prospects before the meeting. They can gather basic information to ensure the lead is a good fit for your services and that the sales team is prepared to deliver a personalized session. This helps you increase efficiency and save time.

6. Recommend personalized products

Conversational interfaces can understand the needs, problems, and desires of your customers. They can ask smart questions about budget and features to understand a visitor’s preferences.

This lets the AI agent suggest the right products tailored to the visitors’ specific case. This boosts conversions, as 80% of consumers are more likely to convert when brands offer personalized experiences.

Besides, personalization enhances the buying experience, helping you build a sense of positive brand association.

This is Chatsimple’s AI sales agent, a smart conversational interface. It can make personalized product recommendations.

7. Uncover customer insights

A conversational interface for sales talks with your customers and saves those chats. This data provides an unfiltered view of your customers’ pain points, dreams, and worldviews.

You can analyze conversations for patterns and insights. This is called conversation analytics, and it can help you understand your customers, fine-tune your strategies, and make better business decisions.

Suppose, after analysis, you discover multiple questions about a specific feature that your product doesn’t offer. You can upgrade your product to include that feature and improve it.

Chatsimple’s AI sales agent saves all conversations. You can analyze them to find insights and better understand your customers. 

Get an advanced conversational interface for sales

A conversational interface for sales gives your business a competitive advantage. If you want such a tool for your website, you can go for Chatsimple’s AI sales agent.

This AI agent proactively engages with every visitor and helps them navigate your website in a personalized way. It provides relevant responses and hyper-personalized recommendations, improving the user experience and conversions.

The AI sales agent can capture leads, book meetings, and boost cross-sells and upsells. Besides, it can speak 175+ languages, helping you go global and support international customers.

This way, it lets you automate inbound sales, save costs, and generate impressive profits. Visit this page to learn more about Chatsimple’s AI sales agent.

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