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Automate your lead capture into Zoho CRM
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How does it work?


Chatsimple’s AI Chatbot engages with Customer


Collects the contact details like name, email and phone number


Sends it to ZOHO in real time

Connect AI ChatBot and Zoho CRM to automate lead qualification and capturing

Automate your lead management and improve conversions

You can automate the lead funnel with this integration. This collected leads will fuel the outreach efforts from ZOHO crm.

Target hot leads with more impactful marketing campaigns

You can target these leads with specific marketing campaigns based on the insights you have gathered from the conversations between the AI Chatbot and user

Transfer all lead data,

Collect lead data automatically on Chatsimple - from any platform
Connect in a single click, keep
data fresh always
Transfer lead data to Zoho
automatically, even while you sleep

Connect in a single click

Quickly connect and get all lead data in one place
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Consolidate lead data

Transfer lead data seamlessly to Zoho and run campaigns, without blinking an eye.

Keep your engagement steady, grow revenue

Keep your email campaigns active 24/7 by fueling them with leads automatically. Convert more leads to customers, grow your revenue. All while you sleep.

Exceptional Customer Service and Prompt Solutions

Chatsimple's swift and dedicated customer service efficiently resolved a problem we faced. This reliability and excellence in both product and support are invaluable, highly recommended for time-saving intelligent chatbot solutions.

Morgan V.

Directeur marketing, Marguerite & Cie

Awesome product!

Chatsimple's ease of setup and use is a game-changer for scaling sales and support teams. It efficiently handles inquiries, reducing the need for additional staff, and offers an easier alternative to searching help centers or manuals.

Joseph Anderson

CEO and Founder, Sync With Connex

Excellent solution

Chatsimple impresses with its user-friendliness and exceptional support, making lead generation effortless. It's an awesome solution with no downsides, deserving a salute to the entire team for their excellent work.

Ahmed Benjas

Founder, Dabalead

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