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AI chatbot with HubSpot CRM integration: A complete guide

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April 26, 2024

Collecting leads, qualifying them, and updating your CRM is a real headache. It’s time-consuming and can take your team’s focus away from what matters most – strengthening customer relationships.

An AI chatbot with HubSpot CRM integration can fix this problem. It can automate those repetitive tasks, improve customer support, and seamlessly qualify leads to improve your team’s efficiency.

In this guide, you’ll understand the advantages of integrating your AI chatbot with your HubSpot CRM and how you can do the integration by following some quick steps. 

5 Remarkable benefits of a chatbot with HubSpot CRM integration

HubSpot’s CRM enables your business to store and manage customer data. When your AI chatbot connects with the CRM, it improves lead generation, conversions, and customer relationships. Here’s how an AI chatbot makes that possible:

1. Collect leads 24/7 

An AI chatbot keeps the conversation going even when you sleep. It greets website visitors, asks relevant questions, and captures their contact details, whether it’s 2 PM or 2 AM.

This way, no visitor can leave your site with unanswered questions. The AI chatbot engages with them all in human-like conversations and boosts your lead generation.

The best part? A smart AI chatbot can understand the prospect's needs and provide personalized responses. This increases trust and encourages them to leave their contact details for further follow-up.

An AI chatbot with HubSpot CRM integration helps you collect more leads with 24/7 availability.

2. Store leads to Hubspot Contact

Manually updating CRM is time-consuming. When your chatbot is connected with HubSpot CRM, the collected leads get automatically saved to your HubSpot Contact. No manual work, no headache.

HubSpot CRM offers a centralized database that all your team members can access. This means your team can easily learn about customers without wasting time on confusing files and records. This way, HubSpot chatbot integration makes following up and closing deals simpler and more effective.

3. No language or platform barrier

Chatbots can converse in multiple languages. This means you can connect with your website visitors in their native language,  instantly building trust. So you won’t lose potential customers due to language differences.

Also, AI chatbots aren’t restricted to your website. They can easily be integrated with popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. This makes your business more accessible to customers and helps you collect even more leads.

HubSpot chatbot integration also lets you collect global leads, as bots can speak multiple languages.

4. Automate lead qualification

Chatbots don’t just collect the name and email of your website visitors, they also ask clever lead capture questions. 

These questions can be about visitor’s pain points, needs, budget, etc. All the answers to these questions get directly saved to your HubSpot CRM and give you a holistic view of every customer. 

This way, an AI chatbot with HubSpot CRM integration helps you segment leads based on their needs and ensure that only the most promising leads reach your sales team. This significantly improves sales efficiency.

5. Know more about your customers

Collected lead details are directly saved to your centralized HubSpot CRM. Now, instead of cold outreach, your sales reps can use this data to personalize follow-ups and close more deals.

B2B AI chatbots also let you see the actual conversation between the chatbot and the lead. This helps your sales team better understand your prospects. 

You can also analyze the conversations to uncover customer insights and trends, which can help you optimize product development and refine your marketing efforts.

How to integrate your chatbot with HubSpot CRM

Chatbot integration with CRM is really easy. To understand how it’s done, let’s see how you can integrate Chatsimple’s chatbot with HubSpot.

Step 1: Visit the Chatsimple dashboard and select the chatbot you wish to integrate with HubSpot.

Step 2: Now, go to the Integrations section of the dashboard and click “Connect.”

Step 3: Once you click on “Connect,” choose the HubSpot account you wish to integrate with and click “Choose Account.”

Step 4: Once you accept the permissions, you’ll see your HubSpot contacts in your Captured Contacts screen on Chatsimple’s dashboard. 

That’s it. Now, you have an AI chatbot with HubSpot CRM integration that can capture and save lead information automatically. This lets your sales team do strategic, well-timed follow-ups, nurture leads, close more deals, and build lasting customer relationships.

Chatsimple’s AI sales agent + HubSpot CRM = More Sales

If you want to boost sales, you can go beyond chatbots and use Chatsimple’s AI sales agent.

This AI sales agent lives on your website and engages with every visitor. It answers complex customer queries, generates leads, and even writes personalized emails for immediate follow-up.

Chatsimple’s AI sales agent can be easily integrated with HubSpot CRM. So, all the details of your leads will be automatically saved and can be accessed by your sales team.

The AI sales agent is more friendly and empathetic than the AI chatbots. The AI agent can understand customers’ pain points and promote your products in a personalized way to nudge visitors toward making a purchase.

Visit this page to learn more about Chatsimple’s AI sales agent.

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