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How Chatbots help you book more sales meetings

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March 20, 2024

Chasing down leads to book sales meetings is a never-ending struggle.

Getting the prospect’s attention, convincing them to meet, and finding the right time make the whole process a headache. But what if you didn’t have to do all the heavy lifting?

Well, that’s where AI chatbots come in. These smart tools can automate the whole process, letting you schedule more sales meetings with almost zero effort. No wonder 67% of business leaders believe chatbots boost sales.

Read this blog post to learn how chatbots help you book more sales meetings for your business and how you can create a smart chatbot to do the same.

How Chatbots help you book more sales meetings: Top 5 Ways

Sales meetings are the lifeblood of your business. This is where you get to showcase your solutions and turn potential customers into loyal customers. Here are 5 ways AI chatbots help you make this process smooth and easy:

1. Make website visitors stay

People spend 54 seconds on a webpage on average. So, you have less than one minute to convince them to book a demo. Sadly, you can’t talk to all of them, so most of your users leave your website.

But when you use an appointment booking chatbot, you can make visitors stay. Your chatbot agent greets each visitor and invites them to engage in one-to-one conversations. It asks relevant questions, offers help, and asks them to schedule meetings on your calendar.

2. Give personalized responses

AI appointment booking bots are good at conversations. They don’t just spit out generic answers. Instead, they carefully analyze your visitor’s language, questions, and concerns to understand their unique needs.  

This allows them to give hyper-personalized responses that gain trust and create a positive experience. You see, 90% of leading marketers say personalization considerably helps in business profitability.

So, those high-quality responses encourage visitors to stay engaged and learn about your products and services, making them more likely to get on demo calls. That’s how chatbots help you book more sales meetings.

3. Connect with your global audience

Your potential customers could be living in a different country with different time zones. An appointment booking chatbot eliminates this time barrier. It supports your visitors 24/7, as it doesn’t need breaks, holidays, or sick leaves.  

Besides, a chatbot can detect and speak multiple languages, allowing you to support audiences who speak different languages. Customers feel comfortable interacting with your website in their native language. This increases trust and likeability, which translates into a higher likelihood of booking meetings. 

4. Qualify leads 

Lead qualification means evaluating your potential customers to see if they’re a good fit for your business. This significantly saves your sales team’s time and energy.

Chatbot to get more sales calls can help you do this by asking a set of qualifying questions about the prospect’s needs, budget, urgency, etc. Based on these responses, the bot can separate hot leads from those who might not be a good fit. This way, your sales team can get high conversion rates.

5. Reduce friction in the booking process

AI chatbots smoothly guide prospects through the booking process. They highlight the benefits of your solutions, address objections, and nudge users to schedule a demo.

Chatsimple’s smart chatbot also integrates seamlessly with Calendly. Visitors can schedule a meeting within the chat window without any confusing redirects. As you can guess, this frictionless experience gives you more demo calls.

How to use Chatbots to book more sales meetings: 3 Simple steps

So, chatbots are really good when it comes to automating the booking process. Now, we’ll see how you can train the bot to schedule more sales meetings. Let’s take the example of the Chatsimple chatbot.

1. Set a business goal

How Chatbots help you book more sales meetings: They let you set “scheduling a demo meeting” as your business goals.

On the Chatsimple dashboard, the Business Goal tab lets you add Calls to Action (CTAs). Your chatbot agent will give this CTA to your users and try to lead them to take a specific action.

In our case, the CTA is to book a sales meeting. So, we will add an instructions like this:

“If users shows interest, request to schedule a meeting at [your Calendly link]”

Chatbot to get more sales calls helps you give your users a specific CTA.

The appointment booking chatbot will consider this a high priority and keep directing conversations to the CTA. 

2. Add a conversation starter

A conversation starter is basically an option your chatbot agent shows in the beginning. Users can click it and easily get what they want without typing any message.

You can go to the Appearance tab and add a conversation starter like “Schedule a demo.”

How to use chatbots to book more meetings: Just set “schedule a demo” as a conversation starter.

Now, every time a user engages with your chatbot for booking meetings, they will see this option and be more encouraged to do it.

Chatbot for booking meetings helps you show you CTA as a conversation starter.

3. Add lead generation questions

These are strategic questions that help you collect important information from the prospect and qualify your leads. Let’s say you’re a dentist, you can use the following lead-generation questions:

  • Are you currently experiencing pain, sensitivity, or discomfort in your teeth? (This identifies a general dental issue.)
  • Are you looking for a dentist who can provide comprehensive dental care? (This qualifies if they’re open to a new dentist.)
  • May I know your name? (collects prospect’s name.)
  • Could you share your email? (captures their contact details.)
  • Would you like to schedule a consultation to discuss your dental needs? (This encourages them to book an appointment.)
How chatbots help you book more sales meetings: they let you add a set of lead generation questions so that you can capture high-quality leads.

That’s it. Now you know how to use chatbots to book more meetings and get high conversion rates.

The problem with AI Chatbots for booking meetings

AI bots simplify scheduling sales calls. But there’s one problem with chatbots for appointment booking: people often hesitate to interact with them. 

Despite the rise of AI, chatbots are still considered dumb. In fact, 50% of consumers feel frustrated with their interactions with chatbots. That’s why users don’t like to click on that chat icon in the corner. 

How to fix this? Well, you need a solution that goes beyond traditional chatbots – something like an AI copilot.  

AI copilot is the search engine for your website. Unlike chatbots, this innovative tool appears as a search bar at the bottom of your website where users can easily type their queries and get instant and hyper-personalized responses.

That means now there will be no confusion. Your visitors will easily find what they need- FAQ answers, case studies, links for booking meetings, etc. This instant support helps users make quick decisions, and the enhanced user experience encourages visitors to book a demo.

Boost your sales meetings with AI

It’s time to go beyond chatbots for booking meetings and gain a competitive advantage. You can try smart AI copilots like AI Nav. This powerful tool actively engages website visitors, showcases your products, and captures quality inbound leads.

AI Nav can speak 175+ languages and can be easily integrated with WhatsApp, Gmail, and Facebook Messenger, so supporting customers and booking meetings becomes easier than ever. Visit this page to learn more about AI Nav.

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