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What is an AI Copilot: Use cases and benefits

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April 1, 2024

“Can machines think?”

Alan Turing, a genius computer scientist, asked the question in 1950. That’s when we got the idea of AI, machines that could talk and assist humans.

From the first chatbot in the 1960s to powerful machine learning algorithms in the 1990s, computers kept getting smarter. Now, with large language models (LLM), AI has made another leap forward: AI copilot.

AI copilots are powerful tools that are changing the way we work and live. They have abilities superior to humans, helping us do things faster and better than ever before.

So, what is an AI copilot exactly? What do AI copilots do? We’ll answer these questions in this post. You’ll know how AI copilots are shaping the future and how companies can leverage this incredible technology.

What is an AI Copilot?

AI copilot is basically a conversational interface that helps you accomplish tasks faster. They are smart helpers who stand beside you 24/7, following your orders and supporting you to achieve your goals.

For years, scientists and engineers worked on teaching computers to think and learn. Now, we have these copilots who can understand our needs and lend us a helping hand.

This ability to understand and respond is powered by large language models (LLMs). These are complex AI systems trained on massive amounts of text data.  LLM fine-tuning to enhance operational processes involves customizing these models for specific business tasks, improving its performance and accuracy. 

This way, AI copilots can understand our language, process complex information, and generate outputs either in the form of text or voice.

But why do we need AI Copilots? Well, they make our lives easy. 

The world is becoming complex, the market is becoming competitive, businesses are overloaded with data, and we are burdened with tasks. AI copilot comes as a lifesaver to streamline our work. 

These intelligent assistants help us do repetitive and time-consuming tasks like writing emails, scheduling meetings, generating codes, or even supporting our customers.

Now that you know what is an AI copilot, let’s see what is the use of a copilot.

This image explains what is an AI copilot. It’s basically a conversational interface that does repetitive and time-consuming tasks to save us time.

What does an AI Copilot do: 3 Remarkable use cases

As AI is becoming more and more capable, we are seeing numerous use cases of AI copilot. Here are some good ones:

1. Coding 

AI copilot can help you write codes. They can understand what you’re trying to build and suggest codes based on your descriptions and the code you’ve already written.

It can help you identify the bug in your code instantly. You can use it to approach a problem from different angles. You can use it to remind yourself of the exact syntax for a function. You can also use it to find ways to make your code cleaner.

For instance, GitHub Copilot helps people code faster by providing real-time code suggestions and debugging assistance. 

2. Customer support

AI copilot can help businesses automate customer support. You can integrate the copilot on your website, and it will attend to your visitors like a dedicated assistant.

The copilot can answer FAQs, troubleshoot problems, and make personalized product recommendations. Since it works 24/7 and can deal with thousands of customers at once, it eliminates the wait time.

What is an example of an AI copilot in customer support? Well, Chatsimple’s AI Nav. It’s a smart copilot that engages customers in human-like conversations. It floats at the bottom of your website, where users can type their queries and get hyper-personalized answers. 

This way, users can easily find what they need- pricing details, contact information, return policy- and make quick decisions.

3. Data analysis 

An AI copilot can be a great assistant for data analysis. It can analyze massive datasets to find insights that a human might miss.

It can help you identify the useful parts of the data for effective analysis. It can suggest different data visualization techniques to best represent your insights.

Besides, you can use it to create reports faster, summarizing the key findings from your analysis in simple language. This helps you move from raw data to actionable insights much faster.

For instance, Microsoft Copilot simplifies data analysis. You can use it to analyze and visualize data without complex coding.

Why are AI Copilots the future?

You saw how AI copilots can handle boring, repetitive tasks, giving us more time to use our brains for creative work. Now, here are some benefits of using an AI copilot that indicate they are the future:

They increase efficiency

AI copilots automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks. For instance, you don’t have to waste your time researching information on the web when your copilot can do it in seconds. 

Similarly, an AI copilot for website visitors handles customer support and inbound lead generation so that you can use your time to focus on growing your business.

Unlike humans, AI copilots work 24/7 without breaks and holidays. They provide continuous support so that you always stay ahead.

This image shows how an AI copilot can help us increase efficiency by automating time-consuming tasks like lead generation.
AI copilot for website visitors can capture inbound leads.

They do an impressive job

AI copilots are often trained on massive datasets relevant to specific tasks like coding, project management, or customer service. This specialized knowledge makes them an expert at their work.

For instance, an AI copilot for website visitors can understand customers’ needs and provide personalized and memorable responses. This way, businesses can keep customers engaged and satisfied.

Also, AI copilots provide impartial responses as they don’t have human biases.

They are easy to set up and manage

You don’t need a team of professional programmers to create an AI copilot. You can simply use existing solutions made by companies for a specific task. 

For instance, Chatsimple’s AI copilot can be launched in 5 minutes. You can train the copilot using relevant documents with a few clicks, and it will be ready to support your customers.

AI copilots also have user-friendly dashboards and interfaces, making it easier for you to manage the technology and track progress.

This image shows one of the benefits of AI copilots: They are easy to set up and manage.
AI copilots have user-friendly dashboards.

They have superhuman capabilities

AI copilots can do things that are almost impossible for us. That’s why using them gives us an unfair advantage.

For instance, they can help businesses find patterns in huge datasets to better predict customer behavior. Another example is Chatsimple’s AI copilot, which can speak 155+ languages so that businesses can support international customers effortlessly. 

The good part is these AI copilots use machine learning algorithms to constantly learn from each interaction. So, with time, we can expect more personalized AI copilots, which will understand and serve us better.

Level up your business using an AI Copilot

Now that you know what is an AI copilot, you can already realize how it can transform your business. If you want to benefit from this technology, you can use Chatsimple’s AI Nav.

This AI copilot is your digital sales agent that lives on your website. Each time a visitor lands on your site, the copilot engages with them, understands their need, and provides hyper-personalized responses.

The AI copilot also asks lead generation questions to qualify and capture leads. It makes personalized recommendations and brings you more cross-selling and upselling opportunities. 

It’s time to upgrade and play smart. Visit this page to learn more about AI Nav.

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