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Chatsimple: Innovating Conversational Interface as a Service

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March 27, 2024

Communication is the foundation of all human relationships. Effective communication helps your business gain trust and build a deep connection with your audience.

And this is where conversational interfaces help. This advanced technology offers a smooth and easy way for your business to communicate with your customers.

Take Chatsimple’s smart conversational interface, for instance. It’s an AI-powered Copilot that’s redefining inbound sales and support. It helps you engage with your audience, understand them better, and build strong relationships.

Before we discuss Chatsimple’s Copilot, let’s talk about a very popular conversational interface tool: AI chatbots.

AI Chatbots and their serious limitations

More and more businesses are using AI chatbots to automate customer support. This conversational interface can answer basic questions and help you serve more customers.

While chatbots can improve efficiency and save costs, they do come with certain limitations. Here are some of them:

  • Lacks empathy: Chatbots often don’t understand the emotional context of conversations. They don’t have empathy, so they sound robotic. And this frustrates the users.
  • No personalization: Many chatbots rely on pre-defined scripts and decision trees. This limits their ability to offer personalized responses, which again feels unnatural and robotic.
  • Negative perceptions: So chatbots carry a negative image. After years of interacting with frustrating bots, people now see them as dumb. That’s why your customers don’t want to talk to a chatbot, although AI has improved them nowadays.

Besides, nearly 75% of customers find chatbots incapable of handling complex questions, with 61% stating that chatbots fail to understand what they are asking for.

To help you overcome these limitations, we at Chatsimple decided to go beyond the traditional chatbot model. We developed a conversational interface that is more intelligent, empathetic, and capable of delivering human-like responses. 

It’s an AI Copilot for website visitors. Let’s see how it can help you transform your inbound sales and support.

Beyond Chatbots: AI Copilot for your website visitors

AI Copilot is basically a search engine for your website. It appears as a search bar at the bottom of your website where users can type their queries and get instant answers.  

This unique and bold appearance invites users to engage with it and easily find whatever they want- FAQ answers, contact details, product recommendations, etc.

Now, your user won’t get lost in the clutter of information on your website. They don’t have to read page after page to find answers. Now, they can simply talk to your website. 

This way, the AI Copilot for website visitors lets you connect with your audience, increase customer satisfaction, and form better relationships. And this significantly helps your business. In fact, 90% of customers who are highly satisfied are more likely to make repeat purchases from a brand.

AI Copilot is programmed with advanced machine learning and NLP algorithms, making it capable of understanding the intent behind a text. It is incredibly good at listening to the users and understanding their challenges and desires. This helps the Copilot make natural and memorable conversations. 

You can easily integrate this conversational interface into your website as well as messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger so that you can connect with your audience where they are.

5 Ways Chatsimple’s AI Copilot gives you a competitive edge

1. Improves website retention

Most users leave your website within a minute if nothing captures their attention. This leads to a high bounce rate, and that hurts SEO rankings. Besides, the money you invest in driving traffic becomes a waste if you don’t have a way to engage visitors quickly. 

That’s where AI Copilot helps. It proactively engages with visitors, inviting them to chat and discover more about your offerings. Unlike traditional chatbots, AI Copilot can talk just like humans and provide natural responses, so your visitors have no choice but to chat and connect with your brand.

This image shows Chatsimple’s Conversational Interface as a Service: AI Copilot for website visitors

2. Boosts customer lifetime value

71% of consumers expect personalization from companies, and nearly one-third get frustrated when they don’t find it. Chatsimple’s AI Copilot delivers hyper-personalized responses that make customers feel valued.

Additionally, the conversational interface provides instant 24/7 support, eliminating frustrating wait times. So your customers can now resolve issues effortlessly without having to sit on hold. 

These positive experiences help you build a lasting relationship. Customers who feel supported and respected are more likely to become repeat buyers and loyal advocates for your brand. 

This image shows how Chatsimple’s Conversational Interface is good at offering personalized responses to website visitors.

3. Captures quality inbound leads

Your website visitors are your potential customers, but turning them into leads requires proactive engagement. Chatsimple’s AI Copilot fills this gap. It initiates conversations, uncovers needs, and seamlessly guides interested visitors to fill out contact forms.

The AI Copilot for website visitors goes a step further by asking strategic lead generation questions, helping you capture quality leads. The conversational interface works 24/7 and speaks over 155 languages, so you aren’t going to miss any opportunity.

The best part? Every time a lead is captured, you receive an email notification with a personalized draft. This lets you immediately follow up, nurture those leads, and guide them further along the path to becoming paying customers.

This image shows how Chatsimple’s Conversational Interface captures inbound leads using a contact form.

4. Increases conversion rates

AI Copilot for website visitors understands your business in depth. It can recommend your products and explain what they do. It can tell the primary benefits of your products in a concise and compelling way.

This way, the conversational interface makes it easy for the audience to know about your products, increasing brand awareness. Besides, instant, persuasive answers help people make quick decisions and do what you ask them to do.

The Copilot is even good at handling objections and reinforcing your brand value. In short, it’s a dedicated sales agent focused on closing more deals for your business.

5. Has multiple use cases

Unlike chatbots that only answer FAQs, you can use Chatsimple’s AI Copilot to achieve a variety of goals.

For example, with its Calendly integration, you can book more sales meetings. Copilot can also simplify the onboarding process, supporting new employees and helping them understand the company.

You can also ask the Copilot to collect customer feedback. You might use it to boost social media engagement, or direct visitors to case studies, or build awareness about an upcoming launch or… you get the idea.

Stay competitive with Chatsimple’s AI Copilot

AI Copilot is revolutionizing how businesses connect with customers. The conversational interface is easy to set up- you can train it in just 5 minutes without any coding. So, you just need a few clicks, and you’ll have a smart AI assistant ready to help you achieve your business goals.

Overall, AI Copilot gives you a significant competitive advantage. It helps you improve efficiency, increase conversion rates, and reduce costs. It goes without saying the sooner you seize this opportunity, the better. Get the free trial of AI Copilot today and stay ahead of others.

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