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AI in SaaS: How AI is changing SaaS businesses

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March 7, 2024

Are you scared or excited about AI in SaaS? Well, you should be excited. Because AI is a fantastic growth opportunity for your business right now.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here, and it’s transforming business. A whopping  73% of US companies are already using AI in their operations. The AI market is expected to grow significantly, from USD 208 billion in 2023 to nearly USD 1.85 trillion by 2030. See the trend?

This change is in your favor. If you use AI the right way, you can open doors that were never there before. AI can make your SaaS business more efficient, productive, and profitable. And, of course, the sooner you seize this opportunity, the more your business can grow.

But how exactly is AI impacting your industry? How to use AI in SaaS business? Well, let’s discuss 5 ways AI is reshaping the SaaS landscape and how you can use it in your business for remarkable progress and customer satisfaction.

5 Incredible ways AI is changing SaaS companies

1. Eliminating repetitive tasks

Some tasks are really boring and repetitive. This includes data entry, customer support, generating reports, scheduling meetings, sorting emails, posting social media content, reviewing resumes, and so on.

A study found that 90% of employees are being burdened with tasks that don’t need any creativity or problem-solving. This hurts your business productivity, increases the chances of errors, and frustrates your employees.

The good news is that AI can handle all this, letting your team focus on complex and creative tasks that actually need them. This also means they get fulfillment from work, helping you improve employee retention. 

Chatbots are the best example of AI in SaaS. You can use them on your website or messaging platforms to automate customer support. This AI tool can work 24/7 and answer just like humans, at a cost much lower than hiring people. And that’s how AI is changing SaaS businesses rapidly.

2. Smart decision-making

You make plenty of decisions to run your SaaS business. Some of them are costly, while others can cause permanent damage. That’s why you can’t rely on intuition for decision-making. Or it will be pure gambling.

Guess what can help you here? Well, 96% of business leaders believe AI can improve decision-making. 

AI in SaaS can analyze vast amounts of customer data to uncover hidden patterns and trends. It can also analyze past data to predict future events and identify needs before they arise. The insights help you understand your customers and make better choices.

Take AI chatbots, for instance. They chat with your customers, and all those conversations get saved in the dashboard. You can analyze it to understand what motivates your customers, what they think about your product, or what updates they are looking for. 

So, no more guesswork because you can use clear insights to make effective decisions. And now you know how can AI be used in SaaS business to push your company forward.

AI in SaaS improves decision-making. Learn how AI is changing SaaS businesses.

3. Increased personalization

Personalization means customizing the user experience based on the needs, behavior, and preferences of each user. It may sound like a lot of hassle, but AI makes it super easy.

AI in SaaS analyzes user behavior, identifies patterns, and creates a unique profile for each customer. This enables your SaaS platform to make personalized recommendations about content, information, products, or features. The most common example is Netflix suggesting shows that match your taste.

Again, AI chatbots are experts at personalization. They use natural language processing to understand your customers’ needs and give them personalized responses. Chatbots also make personalized product recommendations for each customer, giving you more upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Personalization makes your customers feel special. When users see your SaaS platform understands them, they will be more likely to continue using your software. No wonder why companies great at personalization collect 40% more revenue than the average ones.

4. Improving lead generations

If you’re in a competitive or saturated market, getting new leads can be tricky. But AI  can simplify it so much you can capture leads even while sleeping.

AI can analyze market data and trends to identify ideal customer profiles. So you can run targeted ad campaigns and do personalized outreach. Since you’ll be reaching the right audience with the right message, you can have much better conversion rates.

AI in SaaS can also help you with social media listening. Which is basically monitoring social media conversations related to your brand or a specific keyword to spot and convert potential leads. AI tools like Brand24, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite are the best for this purpose.

AI chatbots also help you with lead generation. They can engage with website visitors, figure out their problems, and ask for their contact details. They even write a personalized email for you to send and follow up. 

So now you can get tons of leads with almost zero effort. That’s pretty cool, right?

5. Boosted customer experience

Satisfied customers mean a promising future for your SaaS business. Smart AI tools can make the same happen.

We’ve already seen how AI in SaaS can personalize the customer experience to make them feel special. Now, you can also use AI to analyze customer feedback and find ways to improve your product. This way, you can meet customer expectations and reduce the churn rates.

And if we talk about chatbots, they never sleep or take a day off. They work 24/7 to support your customers, offering quick, helpful, and personalized answers that let customers solve their problems right away. This way, your customers feel important, and you increase the customer lifetime.


How can you use AI in SaaS business?

So AI is your superpower. You can get some good AI tools and expect amazing business growth. One such tool for your SaaS business is the advanced AI Nav. 

You already saw how AI chatbots can streamline your business. Well, AI Nav is even superior. It’s an AI copilot for your website visitors that helps them find what they need in a snap. 

AI Nav gives your visitors quick, personalized, and memorable answers. It can explain what your product does, who it’s for, and what’s so special about it to increase brand awareness. 

And the AI copilot can talk in over 175 languages! So, no matter where your customers are, you can support them effortlessly.

AI Nav has advanced algorithms that make it smarter than usual chatbots. And it has a unique appearance- a search bar at the bottom center of your website where visitors can type their queries- that makes it more engaging. It’s simply Google for your website. 

The coolest part? AI Nav helps you get tons of new leads. While chatting with visitors, it subtly asks for their contact info and crafts a personalized email. That way, you can easily follow up and turn the captured leads into your customers. So, this is how SaaS businesses can utilize AI to gain a competitive advantage.

You’re one step away from massive growth

AI in SaaS can work wonders for your business. Just see how AI Nav can automate laborious and costly tasks, saving you money, making your customers happy, and bringing in more inbound leads. This smart AI copilot can work 24/7 to strengthen your market presence and help you reach your business goals. Get a free trial of AI Nav today to get ahead of the curve.

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