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B2B chatbot: Best examples and use cases

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April 25, 2024

B2B chatbots are conversational interfaces that help your business interact with buyers using voice or text. They are powered by AI to provide relevant and accurate responses to client queries.

You can use them on your website to make it more personalized for visitors. This improves user experience and increases your conversion rates. 

Besides, B2B bots automate repetitive tasks like answering FAQs and booking meetings to make your business more productive, efficient, and profitable. 

In this post, we’ll see some remarkable use cases and examples of B2B chatbots. This will help you understand how B2B chatbots can accelerate your business growth and how you can get started.

5 powerful use cases of B2B chatbots

The superhuman capability of AI chatbots is that they can understand your business inside out in minutes. The chatbot uses this knowledge to provide accurate answers that align with your brand. So, let’s see some ways you can use chatbots for B2B business:

1. Personalized customer service

B2B chatbots can help you improve personalization and build stronger relationships with your clients.

The bots are powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), which makes them smart enough to understand the intent behind a client’s query.

This lets B2B chatbots listen to your users and understand their needs and interests. They can also analyze the entire flow of a conversation to get the full context.

And that’s how chatbots can provide personalized responses that are genuinely helpful and relevant. This makes your clients feel heard and understood, increasing their life-time value.

In fact, 89% of of consumers are more likely to buy again after a positive customer service experience.

2. Lead generation automation

B2B chatbots are a great tool for improving lead generation. They can ask lead capture questions to smoothly collect leads while engaging with your website visitors.

These strategic questions can be about their name, email, company size, pain points, budget, etc. This helps you determine if a potential client is a good fit for your products or services. 

What’s more, chatbots can also prepare a personalized draft for immediate follow-up and lead nurturing. So, it’s time to say goodbye to static forms that your clients don’t like to fill. 

The image shows an example of B2B chatbot- Chatsimple’s chatbot capturing leads using a lead capture form.

3. Conversational analytics

Chatbot conversations are super useful raw data. You can analyze it to find deep insights about your clients.

You can discover their common pain points, what preferences they have, what they love about your product, and even how they feel about your brand.

This will help you identify areas where your B2B solution excels and places where it might need improvement. It can also help you make better marketing decisions and make your campaigns more effective. 

4. Inbound sales

Some B2B chatbots are really good at sales. You can integrate them on your website to book more meetings, increase direct sales, or bring in more cross-selling or upselling opportunities.

For instance, Chatsimple’s AI sales chatbot has empathy to understand your client’s needs. This lets it make personalized recommendations that appear less like a sales pitch and more like a help.

Chatbots can also tell specific benefits of what you offer and address objections right within the conversation, improving the conversion rates.

The image shows how a B2B AI chatbot can understand client needs to provide personalized responses and increase conversions.

5. Internal support

Chatbots don’t just support your clients– they can also provide internal support for your company.

They can act as an assistant for your employees. Instead of wasting time on complicated documents,  your employees can directly ask bots about company policies, product benefits, tech issues, and troubleshooting steps and get fast answers.

B2B chatbots make employee onboarding more seamless. The bots can act as guides, answering new hires about the company, office layouts, and training materials. This way, your employees can be more productive and focus on more important work.

Top 3 B2B chatbot examples

Here are some of the best B2B chatbots in the market. All three of them use AI to make conversations more engaging and helpful for the user.

1. Intercom

Intercom’s B2B chatbot helps you improve customer service and team efficiency. It can answer 50% of customer questions and issues instantly, decreasing the load on your support team. 

The bot provides answers based on your existing support content, so you can trust its ability to provide accurate responses. Besides, you can also add custom answers for important questions to ensure more accuracy.

This chatbot also knows when to pass the conversations to your human agents, giving you more control over the bot. Besides, it supports 43 languages, fits with common tools, and can be connected with messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

2. Chatsimple

Chatsimple’s B2B chatbot is a smart tool that automates website sales. It uses advanced GPT-4 technology to provide relevant and human-like responses to clients’ queries. 

This bot has the empathy of an experienced salesperson. It can understand clients’ needs and provide personalized answers and recommendations that help your client take quick action. 

You can use the sales chatbot  to achieve your business goals. It helps you significantly improve inbound sales, qualified lead generation, booking meetings, and customer service.

The bot can speak 175+ languages, can be used on messaging platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp, and supports CRM integrations like HubSpot, Zoho, and Salesforce.

Chatsimple offers a quick setup, you can launch your B2B chatbot within 5 without requiring any coding skills. No wonder over 20,000 businesses trust Chatsimple for its simple yet powerful AI sales chatbot.

3. Drift

Drift’s B2B chatbot enhances the buyer experience and engagement for your business. It can provide relevant replies to open-text questions, even if they are complex.

The bot uses conversational AI technology to understand and respond to human language in a natural way, automating conversations and recommendations. Drift claims its AI chatbots get 40% more engagement than traditional rule-based chatbots.

This multilingual bot can be used to collect leads, improve sales, and enhance customer service. The Drift’s chatbot learns from your conversation history, website content, and brand voice to make conversations more effective and brand-aligned.

The perfect B2B chatbot for your business?

Chatbots are a powerful tool for customer support and sales, but what if you could take things a step further? What if you had an AI sales assistant that’s even more engaging and effective?

Chatsimple’s AI sales agent delivers just that. It has all the strengths of B2B chatbots, but it’s more friendly and empathetic, and so a better salesperson.

It appears as a search bar that floats at the bottom of your website where visitors can type or speak their questions and receive instant, personalized replies. This AI assistant cleverly promotes your products, collects quality inbound leads, and drives more conversions.

With this AI agent living on your website 24/7, you’ll never miss a sales opportunity. Visit this page to learn more about Chatsimple’s AI sales agent.

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