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  • Proactive engagement with human like conversations

  • Capturing the visitor details and qualifying their needs

  • Easy follow ups with personalized pre-drafted emails

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  • Auto detection and supports 175+ languages

  • High-quality responses 24/7 across multiple channels

  • Engaging conversations to increase customer life time value

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Be it sales or booking a meeting or anything

  • Guidance and product recommendations

  • Upsell or cross-sell your products based on needs

  • AI summarized insights on customer needs and issues

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Crafting an Assistant That Speaks Your Brand

Fully Customizable

Crafting an assistant that speaks your brand


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Real business stories

Discover how diverse industries leverage Chatsimple to enhance customer experience and drive engagement.

AI Sales Chatbot brought 1000+ leads for this business

Gallery Vision integrated Chatsimple, an AI chatbot, to automate customer inquiries, significantly reducing response times and enhancing efficiency. This led to a 1,000 monthly lead increase, a 70% conversion rate, and operational improvements by reallocating staff, thus improving overall business responsiveness and productivity.

Connecta Recife

Connecta Recife employs Chatsimple to guide citizens through city services, refining interactions and boosting engagement.

Unit 21

Unit 21 integrates Chatsimple for continuous support, aiding users in navigating its complex machine learning platform.


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Save 20%
  • 25 Free Messages per month
  • 1 Chatbot
  • Basic Models
  • 5 Captured Contacts
  • Unlimited Website Deployment
  • Messenger and CRM integration trial
  • 1,500 Messages included per month
  • 15 Leads per month
  • 2 Chatbots
  • Advanced Model (GPT-4)
  • 200 Files and Webpages
  • Unlimited Website Deployment
  • Messenger Integration
  • Limited CRM Integrations
  • $0.03 Per Additional Message
  • 6,000 Messages included per month
  • 60 Leads per month
  • 5 Chatbots
  • Advanced Model (GPT-4)
  • 500 Files and Webpages
  • Unlimited Website Deployment
  • Multi-User (up to 5)
  • CRM Integrations (exclude Salesforce)
  • Premium Support
  • $0.02 Per Additional Message
  • 15,000 Messages included per month
  • 200 Leads per month
  • 10 Chatbots
  • Advanced Model (GPT-4)
  • 750 Files and Webpages
  • Unlimited Website Deployment
  • Multi-User(up to 10)
  • CRM Integrations
  • Priority Support
  • $0.01 Per Additional Message

Complete custom package for larger businesses

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  • 50,000 Free Messages
  • Unlimited lead capture
  • Up to 25 Chatbots
  • Advanced Model (GPT-4)
  • 750 Files and Webpages
  • Free white label add on
  • Unlimited Website Deployment
  • Invite team members
  • Automatic Daily retraining
  • CRM integration
  • Channel integration
  • Priority Support

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