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This AI tool’s newest upgrade can disrupt the entire chatbot industry

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March 1, 2024

A chatbot with a better system design, more like Google in terms of simplicity.

Src: Chatsimple

Can you believe it — Yahoo was once the king of the internet!

Back in 1994 when it first launched, it was the only real search engine out there. And without competition from Google, Facebook, or Microsoft, Yahoo reached insane heights.

Get this — at one point this company even had the chance to scoop up little startup Google for peanuts!

I know, crazy right?

At its peak, Yahoo was the most popular website in the world by far, valued at a whopping $125 billion. 

But flash forward to today and things look very different.

Yahoo’s glory days are long gone.

Verizon ended up buying the faded internet company for a tiny fraction of what it once was worth — just $4.48 billion. That’s less than 4% of its value back in the dot com boom days!

Sure, there are several reasons for its decline, but the one that only a few know is its interface or, more clearly, its complicated UI.

To give you an idea, at the time of its launch, this was the interface of Yahoo.

Pretty bad, right?

As you see, there are a whole lot of links. 

Someone who’s new to this will probably be overwhelmed trying to look at all that info on just one page.

Later, in 1998, Google launched with a bit simple interface.

And within 6 months after getting launched they made their interface really simple.

Here’s what the homepage looked like.

Unlike Google, Yahoo didn’t make things easier for users.

Even by 2000, Yahoo’s site still looked like this.

And by 2006, things with Yahoo had only gotten more cluttered.

And for years after that, Yahoo didn’t even realize this mistake.

Meanwhile, Google has stuck with its simple interface all this time.

Now there is a new AI tool that is revolutionizing the chatbot industry with the same simplicity.

I am talking about Chatsimple. I talked about this AI tool before.

Here’s the gist — with Chatsimple, you can put together a pretty solid chatbot in 5 minutes, tops. No coding is needed. 

Along with that, it gives you a ton of killer features to boost your sales and support.

Now check out their latest feature — they overhauled the entire chatbot setup to be dead simple for people to use.

Here is a demo.

This is simply a chatbot with a better system design, more like Google in terms of simplicity.

You can think of it as a personalized inbound AI sales agent living on a website, helping visitors navigate and find what they want with just a simple search bar.

Why do we need this feature?

You see, Yahoo was way bigger than Google because it had the first-mover advantage.

But Yahoo made dozens of mistakes; one of them was making the homepage complex, which changed history.

A similar problem exists with a number of websites.

When you visit any B2B (or B2C) website, you can see that they have dozens of products and hundreds of pages. They’re kind of crowded like Yahoo was.

When I go to a B2B website, I’m not there for casual browsing.

I’m here to find an answer to my problem, but I often get lost in the clutter of information.

So, is the future of B2B (& B2C) websites going to be more complicated, with information overload forcing visitors to spend hours finding their answers?

No, thanks to Chatsimple’s recent feature, AI Nav.

With this feature, your visitor will get a VIP experience to:

  • navigate through the website very easily with just a single click.
  • and find hyper-personalized answers to their problems at the speed of their thoughts.

How to integrate this feature into your website?

Now you may be asking how to integrate this simple yet effective feature into your own website.

Well, it’s pretty easy.

Simply head over to the Chatsimple official website, and create an account.

After creating the account, you’ll head over to this page.

Simply add your website, and the system will fetch your data and automatically include your Business Name, Agent Name, and other relevant information.

Let’s see how you can create one for yourself, provide a simple yet better solution to your customer, and increase your sales. Check out this video

As you can see from the video, it’s fairly easy to add this new feature to your website. 

After adding this feature, your customers will be able to effortlessly address their issues, and inquire about any necessary information, all without any hesitation. 

The result? More sales. 

Integrating the AI Nav feature into your website is also pretty simple.

Go to the Dashboard panel, toggle to the AI Nav tab, and copy the snippet.

Easy, right?

Want to give it a try? Visit Chatsimple now.

The search bar — Hero of the chatbot revolution

With this simple but really helpful feature, you don’t have to search for a little circle or square in a hidden corner just to talk to the chatbot.

Instead, getting help is super easy. 

There’s a search bar right in the front, ready for you to type in your questions and get answers without any hassle.

What’s so great about it?

Well, it gives you all the benefits of chatting with a regular chatbot but without all the extra clicking and confusion. 

It’s like getting help without any stress. Super slick support, if you ask me.

This little tweak to how chatbots appear and function could really help the customer. 

When folks need assistance, they’ll likely think of this right away because it’s super user-friendly, all thanks to that handy search bar.

We’re entering a time where getting help online is going to be smooth and simple for everyone.

Hope you like it.

That’s it — thanks.

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