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4 lesser-known reasons for low conversion rates

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April 9, 2024

“Why is my conversion rate so low?” If you’re asking this, you’re not alone.

And let’s admit, it’s frustrating. You spend thousands of dollars in ads and months on SEO to bring people to your website, but they just don’t seem to buy anything. Visitors come and go, and it feels like potential sales are slipping away. 

What’s stopping them from taking that final step?

Well, this post shares some reasons for low conversion rates on your website. We will also discuss a solution to fix this age-old problem and boost website sales. But let’s first understand…

What is a low conversion rate?

A conversion rate is simply the percentage of website visitors who complete a desired action. This action could be anything like booking a demo, subscribing to your newsletter, or purchasing your product directly.

So, what is a low conversion rate? Sadly, there’s no single, definitive number because it heavily depends on your industry and business model. 

For instance, the estimated average conversion rate for B2B websites varies between 2.23% - 4.31%, whereas it’s 1.84% - 3.71% for e-commerce. 

The average website conversion rate across industries ranges between 2.35% - 5.31%. So, if your numbers are significantly lower than this, you must read the next section.

4 reasons for low conversion rate on your website

One of the biggest reasons for low conversion rates is poor user experience. This involves a lack of proper support, zero personalization, or confusing website content. Let’s understand these problems in detail:

1. Nobody engages with website visitors

If you are targeting the right audience, people who land on your website need what you sell. 

They might have questions, require a little reassurance, or just need a personalized recommendation. In fact, 83% of online shoppers need support to complete a purchase.

But no one is there to talk to visitors and offer help. They’re left feeling ignored. So their interest dies off. And they leave your website to buy elsewhere.

Essentially, a lack of support shows that a business doesn’t care about its customers. This hurts trust and results in low conversion rates.

83% of online shoppers need support to complete a purchase. So, one of the reasons for low conversion rates is the lack of customer support. 

2. Lack of website personalization

And this is true for most websites. Your website visitors receive the same sales copy, blog posts, case studies, or testimonials, regardless of their needs or where they are in the buyer’s journey.

The thing is, buyers at different stages have different needs. And the same website content fails to address their specific pain points, making them feel like your solutions aren’t a good fit.

91% of consumers prefer brands that recognize, remember, and offer relevant recommendations. So, the lack of website personalization can be a reason why you have a high traffic, low conversion situation. 

91% of consumers prefer brands that recognize, remember, and offer relevant recommendations. So, another reason for low conversion rates is the lack of website personalization.

3. Your website is cluttered with information

Most websites are overloaded with information- blog posts, product pages, testimonials, external links, and policies- that overwhelm website visitors. Too many options and distractions make them unsure of what to do. 

Information clutter also dilutes the impact of your message, making it hard for visitors to grasp what you offer and why it matters to them. Cognitive load theory states that too much information can overwhelm the brain and can cause decision fatigue.

Besides, visitors have limited attention spans. So, if they have to go through loads of content to find what they need, they’ll quickly get frustrated and leave the site altogether. This again, becomes a reason for low conversion rates.

4. Your website is not listening

This is one of the biggest reasons most websites have low conversion rates.

A salesperson who just keeps talking and doesn’t listen to the prospect is a bad salesperson. And that’s what many websites do with visitors. 

Websites bombard visitors with information and promotional messages. The visitor can’t say what they are looking for, what problems they are facing, or what objections they have.

73% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs, says Salesforce.

So, this one-way conversation damages the user experience. Visitors lose trust in the brand and begin to doubt their decision to move forward. 

How do you fix a low conversion rate?

Most websites have the above reasons for low conversion rates. If you want to fix them, there is one effective solution: an AI sales agent for your website.

AI sales agents can fix low conversion rate and improve website sales.

An AI sales agent is basically an AI-powered conversational interface that assists your website visitors. 

It can understand your visitors’ needs and offer human-like responses that solve their problems. These responses are accurate because the AI agent knows your business in and out.

Here’s how an AI sales agent can help you increase your website conversion rate: 

  • AI sales agents live on your website 24/7. They initiate conversations and answer visitors’ questions instantly so that your prospects always feel supported.
  • An AI agent can understand visitors’ needs and provide hyper-personalized responses. They can analyze user data and recommend the right products that make them feel special.
  • AI agents help visitors find exactly what they need within seconds. It provides clear and concise answers and offers product recommendations so visitors can make instant decisions. 
  • Selling is all about listening to your customers. AI sales agents listen to your visitors and understand their problems to provide responses that make them feel heard and respected. 

Overall, an AI sales agent improves the user experience and makes your website more customer-centric. They increase website engagement, improve personalization, and provide instant support to nurture visitors through the sales funnel. 

Chatsimple’s AI sales agent can boost your conversion rates

If you want to fix a low conversion rate on your website, Chatsimple’s sales agent is all you need. 

This AI agent is a smart conversational interface that floats as a search bar at the bottom of your website. Visitors can simply type or speak their questions and get hyper-personalized responses instantly. 

This AI agent can offer 24/7 support, capture leads, and speak 155+ languages. You can easily integrate this agent on your website or messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger within 5 minutes. 

This not only solves the low conversion rate issue but also automates inbound sales. Visit this page to learn more about Chatsimple’s AI sales agent

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