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The only AI Chatbot you need to empower sales and support

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February 5, 2024

Introducing ChatSimple — The Only AI Chatbot You Need to Empower Sales and Support

I really like Chatsimple because it lets me customize everything the way I want, not just for its amazing features.

Let’s be honest, when you want your business to grow, sales are really important to think about.

Not only in business but also when providing services related to writing, programming, and designing, you need to sell yourself to attract clients.

And, believe it or not, most of us don’t have the sales-related skills. Even my last startup failed because I didn’t know how to sell our product.

Sure, you can hire a sales expert, pay them a significant salary, and boost sales.

But there is another better option i.e. to use AI tools. And today, we are going to talk about a specific AI tool that can help you in sales.

Excited? Let’s start from the basics.

Understanding the Need for AI in Sales

Before directly talking about an AI tool, let’s talk about the problems, the needs, and the solutions. 

We all know that every business needs customers, and most of them have a number of queries. If a business doesn’t solve these queries, the customer will suffer, and hence, the business will too. 

Even sales require time, and, according to Hubspot, the budget decreases as the year progresses.

  • 60% of customers say no four times before saying yes. 
  • 80% of sales require five follow-up calls. 
  • 70% of sales professionals say budgets are more scrutinized in 2023 than in 2022.

The conventional solution? Appoint a customer support team. 

However, this option requires a lot of money, and most new startups can’t afford to spend that much in a specific area. 

Also, solving issues through this process takes time (at least 2 to 3 days to resolve a customer query). 

The better option? Use AI tools.

No doubt, you can use ChatGPT to solve some basic issues.

But what if you need more? Well, that’s where you can use specific AI tools like Chatsimple. 

Speaking of Chatsimple, you can create an impressive no-code chatbot within 5 minutes, living on your website 24/7 and engaging with visitors, handling sales and support tasks. 

Also, your customers can get instant answers within seconds. 

Along with that, Chatsimple can help you capture leads, contact details, schedule meetings, and more. 

Even if you have a sales team or a sales expert, AI tools like Chatsimple can eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on something more important to drive more sales and grow your business. 

In short, consider AI in sales as a valuable asset for enhancing lead qualification, mastering follow-up strategies, and closing deals with a professional touch. 

Getting Started

Now, you know that Chatsimple is an AI tool that focuses on sales and support. 

But how do you get started? 

Well, to get started, simply head over to their official website and click on the signup button. Sign up with Google, Facebook, Webflow, or through your email. 

After you’ve created your account, you will be directed to the page where you can create your first chatbot.

Simply add your website URL, along with some other information like Business Name, Language, and so on, and create your first chatbot. 

After that, you can easily modify the appearance, share it with others, and embed your chatbot onto your website.

Key Features of Chatsimple

As of now, we have learned just the basics of Chatsimple, but there are a number of AI tools like this.

So, why should we use Chatsimple instead of other AI tools? 

The reason is because of its useful, mind-blowing features. And that’s what we will be learning in this section.

Let’s start with the insane features it provides.

a) Teach the bot in multiple ways

First of all, Chatsimple provides multiple options to add training data. 

Whether it’s uploading a file, adding a website URL, using sitemaps, or entering data in text format.

b) Get key insights from the dashboard

It provides a simple yet effective dashboard to gather customer data. 

You can view various useful parameters such as response usage, conversations, leads, and more. 

Later, you can analyse charts displaying insights about visitors, thumbs-ups, bot messages, and so on.

c) Book meetings with ease

🤝 Get more MEETINGS booked with Chatsimple ⏰ Calendly integration

Yes, right from the chatbot, your audience can easily book a meeting. 

Simply visit the “Business Goals” tab and click on the ‘Add Call to Action’ button, then add your Calendly link. 

Now, move to the Appearance tab and add conversation starters like ‘Schedule a demo.’ 

And there you go, your audience can schedule a demo right from the chatbot.

d) Capture leads like a pro

Let’s be real, if a chatbot can’t capture leads, there is no basis to use it.

The team behind the tool understands this, and they have added a simple feature to generate leads.

For that, simply visit the “Lead Capture” tab, add the questions you want to ask, and click on save.

Later, when any of your audience asks questions to your chatbot, the chatbot will present the specific question to the user in a human-like conversation way. 

Here is an example based on the above questions.

In addition to this, there is another feature to collect visitor contact information right inside the chatbot. 

To add the contact info, simply visit the Appearance tab, select “Collect Visitor Information,” and then new contact info can be added. 

Of course, you can customize it further.

e) Integrate with different platforms

The last feature I want to talk about in this post is integrating different platforms to manage data, provide more functionality to the user, and so on.

Speaking of CRMs you can connect, it supports a variety of popular ones, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Zapier. 

Additionally, the team is working hard to enable connections with WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, and more.

Sure, there are more insane features, but they will be available in the next upcoming post.

Exceptional customization, diverse use cases, and pricing

After using Chatsimple for over a month, I can confidently say it is worth using for most companies and businesses looking to boost sales and enhance customer support. 

When asked what I like most about Chatsimple, I would say it's simple, intuitive, and easy to set up, along with exceptional customization capabilities."

You can tailor nearly everything to align with your brand, from colors and text to integrating social media links, FAQs, contact forms, and beyond.

Moreover, thanks to its robust feature set, it can benefit diverse business types. 

Let me provide an example to give you a better idea. 

Chatsimple: AI agent for sales and support 16:9

Here is a demonstration chatbot created for Tesla’s Cybertruck, showcasing how it can understand visitor’s needs and wants, promote products and services, and drive more sales. 

Similarly, you can leverage this AI tool to serve your business goals.

Due to these versatile features and use cases, several leading companies like Connecta Recife, Unit 21, Connex E-Commerce, CODE University, Canary Mail,  and more are already using Chatsimple to enhance operations.

Finally, let’s provide you with the pricing structure.

As you can see, it offers five different pricing packages, and anyone can give it a try for free, along with access to a variety of features.

So, if you’re seeking a high-performing chatbot that can drive leads, boost sales, and provide continuous support, consider giving Chatsimple a try.

Hope you like it.

That’s it — thanks.

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