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7 Best AI search engines in 2024

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May 22, 2024

AI search engines are changing the way we find information online. Now you don’t have to read through pages of confusing information as these AI tools can understand your questions and give you relevant answers within seconds.

AI-powered search engines are smarter and faster than traditional search engines. They can understand natural language, recognize intent, and provide personalized responses. They can hold conversations with smart responses that make you feel like you are conversing with an intelligent friend. 

No wonder a study predicted that the number of US adults using generative AI as their primary tool for online search will increase from 13 million in 2023 to 90 million by 2027. 

But this is just the beginning of the AI search revolution. In this post, we’ll explore seven of the best AI search engines in 2024. You can use them to boost personal productivity or improve sales and revenue of your business.

AI search engines that will change the future

AI-powered search engines are not just making searching information faster and easier. They’re also providing us with better, more accurate results. Here are some of the best AI search engines to improve productivity and search experience:

1. Bing Copilot

Bing Copilot is a search assistant that lets you ask complex questions and find information instantly. When you speak or type your query like, “How to increase website sales,” the Copilot scans the search results on the web to provide you a to-the-point response with links to its sources. 

You can also ask follow-up questions like, “What’s the one best strategy that never fails?” And the Copilot will understand that you are still talking about website sales. This way, you can get detailed and personalized answers to your questions.

You can edit your question after Copilot responds to get more accurate responses. Besides, the AI search engine lets you upload images and ask questions related to it. This level of flexibility lets you find what you are looking for with minimal effort.

Bing has two modes- Search and Copilot. While the Copilot mode gives AI-generated answers in a conversational way, you can also use the Search mode to get traditional search results- blue links to relevant web pages.

Bing Copilot is an advanced AI search engine that gives relevant response with links to its sources. 

2. Chatsimple AI Agent

This AI search engine is for businesses and professionals. You can integrate it into your business website and help visitors find what they need on the website. 

Chatsimple’s AI sales agent can understand visitors’ needs and recommend the right products. You can think of it like a digital sales agent that lives on your website, engages with visitors, and helps you find more customers.

Visitors can ask questions and get personalized answers without having to go through the content clutter on websites. This helps them make quick decisions and click on your CTA.

This AI-powered site search tool can do multiple things for your business. It can collect qualified leads, book sales meetings, and follow up. It can help your business support your customers 24/7, automate sales, increase productivity, and cut costs.

Besides, this AI agent can speak 175+ languages, so visitors from around the world can talk with your website, get support, and purchase your products. This way, you can improve your website experience, keep your customers happy, and grow your business.

3. Andi AI search engine

Built by a small startup, Andi was launched at the start of 2022. It’s an AI search assistant that gives you summarized and accurate answers to your queries. It uses generative AI, semantic search technology, and live data to help you navigate the web with ease. 

Andi helps you find the right information online and presents it in a way that’s easy to understand. When you search for a query like “How to increase website engagement,” Andi gives you a relevant answer from a trusted source on the web. 

Andi also shows you a list of web pages and videos with a title, thumbnail, and meta description that are more likely to answer your question. The visual feed makes searching smooth and lets you go straight to the information you are looking for.

Since it’s powered by large language models (LLMs), it understands the context of your query rather than simply matching keywords. This is what makes it smart and chat like humans.

Andi AI search gives you summarized and helpful answers to your queries.

4. YouChat

YouChat is a ChatGPT-style AI search assistant that provides up-to-date answers with links to its sources. You can use this tool to confidently search the web and find the right information quickly.

You can ask questions related to recent events, and it will give you accurate results. At the end of each response, you’ll find relevant news articles. This way, you can get access to the latest information and remain updated.

Apart from answering your questions, YouChat can explain topics, suggest ideas, summarize text, generate codes, and write emails for you.

Since this AI search engine is powered by machine learning (ML), the more you converse with this search engine, the better it gets.

YouChat also gives you different modes to find high-quality results. For example, you can use the Research mode to do an in-depth analysis, the Genius mode to solve multi-step problems, and the Create mode to create graphics.

YouChat provides up-to-date answers with links to its sources. It also suggests relevant news articles.

5. Perplexity AI

Perplexity is another AI-powered conversational search engine that lets you pose questions and get helpful responses. For example, if you ask a question like, “How to generate inbound leads,” the AI search engine gives you a detailed answer backed by authoritative sources.

There is an option to search images and videos. This lets you find related images and videos from across the web.

You can also upload images and files and ask questions related to them. For instance, you can upload a PDF file and command Perplexity to summarize the information. This can make life a lot easier.

Perplexity also shows you more questions related to your query. You can click on them to get summarized answers and collect more information related to your query.

The best part? Whenever you start a conversation, you can focus on the type of results you want. For instance, you can tell whether you want to search the whole web, focus only on research papers, look for discussions on Reddit, or simply search videos on YouTube.

Perplexity AI is another AI-powered search engine that gives detailed responses after scanning webpages across the web.

6. Yep Chat

Yep is one of the best new-age search engines that provides an improved search experience. It supports deserving content creators by sharing 90% of advertising revenue directly with them. So, when you use Yep, you are supporting your favorite publishers and content creators. 

Yep encourages creators to share their unique experiences and create top-notch content for you. This improves the search quality, helping you find accurate and high-quality results for your queries.

When you search a query in Yep, the AI-powered search engine provides a list of links to relevant web pages. It also shows an AI-generated response under the Yep TLDR section. And apart from searching for information, you can also search for images and news.

Besides all that, Yep lets you switch between a traditional search interface and a conversational interface to make search flexible and smooth.

Yep lets you switch between a traditional search interface and a conversational interface, giving you a more flexible search experience.

7. Gemini

Gemini is one of the most advanced AI search engines in 2024. It’s a multimodal large language model developed by Google DeepMind.

You can use Gemini to ask questions and get detailed and summarized answers. Similar to Bing Copilot, you can edit your query and upload images to ask related questions. 

There is an option to double-check the response at the bottom of every response. This gives you the sources of each piece of information provided. You can visit the web pages to verify the information and carry out more detailed research.

Gemini has the option to Show Drafts. It shows you three versions of answers to your recent prompt with different writing styles. 

And apart from searching for information, you can use Gemini for multiple purposes, such as generating codes, writing content, translating languages, etc.

Gemini is one of the best AI search engines developed by Google DeepMind that provides accurate responses to user queries.

Summing Up

AI search engines can understand your queries better and deliver more relevant results. This is a big leap from traditional search engines that rely heavily on keywords. You can try the above seven platforms to improve the search experience. Although most of them are incredibly smart, as AI continues to evolve, we can expect even more personalized AI search engines in the future.

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