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8 (New) AI tools that are so useful, you can’t ignore them for your business in 2024

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January 29, 2024

I bet 99% of you haven’t heard about these AI tools yet.


You may know that I am learning a lot about sales, and in this process, I’ve come to understand how crucial and challenging sales skills are for every business.Sales also take up a huge amount of time, and I’ve wondered — could I hand off sales to an expert and free up my own time?And that’s where I heard about Chatsimple. It is an AI tool that lets you build an impressive no-code chatbot that handles sales and support tasks.Simply put, it’s like having your best sales + support agent living on your website 24/7 and engaging with visitors.The best part? It’s simple to use and requires no coding. This made my jaw drop!But, why is it so useful? Most of us focus on building products and providing services, and that’s where we aim for more sales, clients, and better customer support.This is where Chatsimple can help.

Above is an example of Chatbot creation for Tesla Cybertruck demonstrating how you can understand the visitor’s needs and wants, promote your products and services, and get more sales.

Now, let’s talk about some of its insane features, they are as follows:

  • Train the bot with your knowledge base in any form. Be it URLs, sitemaps, pdf, CSVs, or uploading in the form of text.
  • Use the chatbot to guide conversations in ways that support your business goals. Be it booking more meetings, getting more reviews, buying your products, more signups, or anything.
  • Generate leads directly from the chatbots by understanding your visitor needs and wants and also send personalized follow-up emails.
  • Integrate with messaging platforms like Messenger, and CRM platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Zapier, and so on.
  • And much more.

So, if you want an impressive chatbot fueling leads, sales, and support around the clock — Chatsimple should be your next investment.


There are different AI image generator tools such as Leonardo AI, Midjourney, Playground AI, Adobe Firefly, and others. But here’s a thing to note — they’re not at all open-source and have less control over image generation.And that’s where Distillery comes into the picture. Enter Distillery created by FollowFox, a great alternative to Leonardo AI. It creates highly detailed images and gives users more control with cool features. Although it has various parameters that make it a bit harder to learn initially but it is worth learning. Now, let me show you some examples of the high-quality and realistic images it makes.

Examples of the high-quality and realistic images generated by Distillery.

Keep in mind that whether you select the free or premium version, the quality of the image will remain the same. The only differences are the speed and the number of generations.

To give it a try, join their Discord server, accept the invitation, and head straight to the ‘#free-generations’ channel to get started with 10 daily free images.

Type “/serve-free,” write the prompt and boom! You will get your desired image.

Insane, right?

Now, let’s talk about the key features of this AI tool:

  • Access 5 best-in-class AI models including Cosmopolitan, Vodka, Screwdriver, SDXL, and Mohawk, each with its own strengths.
  • Fully open-source model — code, training methods, and datasets are public.
  • Easy to access on Discord.
  • Advanced features like LoRA style blending, and merging styles between images.
  • With over 25 adjustable parameters, you have precise control over every aspect of your AI image generation. Fine-tune features like inpainting, adapt, controlnet, and more to produce stunning, customized results.
  • Freemium model — free tier for up to 10 generations per day; paid tiers for more.
  • And much more.

Rewind AI

Now, what is Rewind AI? 

Well, Rewind AI’s CEO has the best explanation for that, i.e., Rewind AI captures anything you’ve seen, said, or heard and makes it searchable. 

Yeah, it’s that simple. 

Now, let’s talk about how it works. 

Rewind AI uses the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technique to capture the screen and Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) for the audio file, saving it locally. 

Other than that, it also use GPT-4 under the hood.

Here’s one example: the CEO asked what he did last week, and here’s the response.

But , what about privacy? Someone could hack and get our own data within minutes by the Rewind AI server. 

Well, a big no. 

Rewind lets you store data locally on your own devices instead of storing it in the cloud. So, there is no way your data gets hacked with Rewind AI.

Lastly, the best part? You can use Rewind AI for free up to a certain limit.

4. Luma Genie 1.0

Luma AI is an AI tool that can create realistic 3D objects right from your mobile phone. 

All you need to do is shoot a 360-degree video of whatever you’re into and then toss it up on Luma AI, and it’s going to churn out a super-realistic 3D version for you. 

Now, they have launched a new AI tool called Luma Genie 1.0, which lets you build a 3D object by just writing the text based on your dreams.

Here are some of my own creations with the help of this AI tool.

5. Cognosys AI

The next AI tool on the list is Cognosys AI, designed to make your working life more organized and productive.

Here’s what the official docs say: 

Now what you can do?

Well, you can ask the agent to perform a number of tasks like helping you draft an email based on some data, analyzing documents, automating tasks, and so on.

For instance, I want to plan a 10-day trip to Japan, so I asked Cognosys AI for that. 

As you can see, to complete these tasks, it proceeded further and added 4 subtasks that Cognosys AI will perform at a specified time. 

For my task, I added the time as 4:22 pm so it will follow the process in the background automatically without my intervention. 

Cool, right?

Here are some more examples provided by Cognosys AI to give you an idea about what more you can do with it.

In a similar way, you can write prompts based on what you want to automate, organize, and research, so it performs the task for you.

The key features include the following:

  • Schedule your automation and add the trigger points at a specified time.
  • Integrate with Gmail, Notion, Google Docs, Linear, Google Drive, Salesforce, and more to automate tasks.
  • Right now, Cognosys uses GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, with Cohere, Anthropic, and PaLM coming soon, under the hood.
  • And more.

Now, let’s talk about the pricing.

As you can see, you can use this AI tool for free up to a certain limit.

The best part is that you don’t need to add your own OpenAI API key to make it work.

6. Claude AI

Let’s be real, we all know about ChatGPT, and I have to be honest, it is insane in terms of the features that it provides.

But let me tell you, it has some limitations, and that’s where Claude comes into the picture. 

First of all, let me talk about the limitations that ChatGPT has:

  • It generates a robotic response.
  • You can’t upload content in the form of PDF, CSV, and TXT formats and ask questions based on the content uploaded (in the free ChatGPT version).
  • It generates titles based on a topic, adding colons in between the titles, which is something weird.
  • It doesn’t have the latest info.

And that’s where I use Claude. 

First of all, let me show you how you can upload content in Claude. And then ask questions based on the content you uploaded.

Now, let me provide you with an example of how Claude generates human-like content with simple prompts. 

Similarly, if you use Claude for a number of use cases, it will provide the best, specific responses as needed.

7. Rask AI

Rask is an AI tool that lets you translate video & audio in 130+ languages with the help of AI. 

With this simple feature, it can have several use cases like 

  • translating your educational videos into different languages to increase your reach 
  • creating marketing videos in different languages for various countries to easily localize your video content and target different audiences worldwide 
  • creating YouTube videos in different languages

Now, let’s discuss how it works.

Well, you simply need to upload a video or audio, choose the language for translation, and the AI will translate your video and audio, providing you with a downloadable version. 

The only limitation is that it has a starting price of $50, so it may not be suitable for everyone.

8. Pika Labs, Moonvalley

I have to be honest; I am a big fan of AI tools that let you create quality videos from just text at an affordable price. 

To find the best AI tools, I have used several, including VideoGen, HeyGen, Invideo AI, and more.

But recently, two new AI tools have been launched, providing incredible capabilities in terms of video creation with the help of AI, and I became a fan of them.

The first is Pika, which lets you generate videos based on what you write.

Along with that, you can even upload an image or a video, write what you want, and it will create a video for you. Moreover, you can expand and modify videos on different canvases. 

Earlier, this tool was free (in beta), but now they have added pricing, which is a bit pricey.

A similar tool is called Moonvalley, which is almost identical to Pika Labs but is currently free to use since it is in beta. 

So, if you want to generate better quality videos, you can try either of these tools.

Hope you like it.

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