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Unit 21

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November 24, 2023


In sectors with high-volume transactions such as fintech and small businesses, financial risks and compliance challenges are ever-present. Unit 21 targets these challenges by minimizing financial risks and ensuring full compliance across a company’s operations. It not only reduces false positive alerts but also streamlines the integration process with various business platforms, thereby cutting down on the time and resources needed for engineering efforts.


Unit 21 offers an automated solution designed to streamline workflows, thus eliminating the need for manual oversight and enhancing operational efficiency. The platform also empowers businesses to minimize false positive alerts through intuitive rule-testing and real-time data monitoring. This leads to more accurate detection of suspicious activities and cuts down on the time and resources spent investigating false alarms. As a result, Unit 21 enables organizations to manage risks and compliance requirements more proficiently.


Unit 21 relies on machine learning algorithms to provide a uniquely adaptable system focused on regulatory compliance. However, a common challenge for users is the intricate API documentation and the multi-step setup process. This is where Chatsimple steps in. The integration of Chatsimple provides Unit 21 users with around-the-clock customer support, helping them understand and navigate the platform’s complex features.


The merger with Chatsimple enhances Unit 21’s fraud detection capabilities through AI integration. It also allows customers to provide feedback on the platform’s performance, helping to continually improve and refine user interactions. Real-time metrics demonstrate a significant reduction in customer related support on hand, indicating a substantial drop in customer inquiries and freeing up resources for further product development.

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